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The Changing Landscape of Employment and Retirement

How we work has been changing for decades. In my career from the mid-1990s until now, we have seen the rise of the Internet, the development of industries that know no international boundaries, and the explosion of on-demand and sharing economies from Airbnb, to ThumbTack, to Lyft and Uber. 

As a whole we live longer and have less retirement savings.  We want less to be constrained by lifetime employment and a defined retirement plan (if that still exists).  We want to work longer to stay mentally sharp, active, and engaged. We work less to buy things and work more to gain experiences and engage one another.  This is our world today-- A world that is increasingly about the individual, on-demand. 

Entire companies now can be started virtually with just a great idea. A corporate organization, website, business cards, phone system, and all back office technology can be setup singlehandedly in days.  For individuals looking for less complexity in starting their business, work simply can be found on service marketplaces like Thumbtack, or applying to be a driver for Uber, Lyft, and other like services.  Money can even be made from creating quality video content on YouTube and in other live content forums both socially and less socially acceptable.

The new economy requires all of us to be more entrepreneurial. Those of us who embrace the new economy at any age will see benefits and will have more control in our day-to-day activity whether we be 18, 26, 46, or 78 years old. In this guide I provide steps to establish the mindset of how to work in this new economy, and establish steps to become an On-Demand You work participant.

Why I Am Writing On-Demand You

I started my career at a big 5 consulting firm and then transitioned into more entrepreneurial roles.  As part of my leadership duties throughout my life, I truly enjoy mentoring fellow employees, entrepreneurial peers, and clients. On-Demand You is an extension of my desire to provide advice and experience to others. 

In current work I focus on supporting companies completing mergers and acquisitions.  Each day I see founders of companies selling their businesses looking for the next challenge, entrepreneurs building their businesses from the ground up, and employees looking to grow during changing times.

For new graduates entering the workforce looking to be an entrepreneur, mid-career folks looking to make a life change, and new “retirees” from the traditional workforce not ready to retire, this guide is for you.

Stefan Hofmeyer

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